A downloadable WAD

A short (~20 minute, 5+1 level) episode built on the original Doom, for the Epistle 3 Jam.

In my view, the leap from Half-Life 2 to Doom isn't too big once one removes all the scripted cutscenes and physics puzzles. The transformation is quite simple:

  • silent named protagonist → silent nameless protagonist
  • unbeatable alien horror → unbeatable demonic horror
  • teal light and blue metal → red light and green stone
  • bio-hacking → gore

Install instructions

You will need a ZDoom-compatible source port, like GZDoom, installed.

You will also need the DOOM.WAD file from the original Doom game somewhere where ZDoom can see it. You can typically get both Doom 1 and 2 for a few bucks from either GOG or Steam. Alternatively, in place of the real DOOM.WAD, you can use FreeDoom Phase 1, which is free (as in beer but also freedom), but the experience isn't the same.

Once that's done, you can just drag-and-drop epistle3.wad onto ZDoom and it should launch. Select New Game > Epistle 3 > Ultra-Violence and start!



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